Is your back sore from taking on too much?

We can all relate to carrying as many bags as possible to save us making another trip.  However, is the time you're saving worth it?  Lifting more than you are able to carry can cause immense strain on your body.  Furthermore, with bad lifting technique, it can be even worse for your back.

This is not just true for carrying shopping bags.  We often carry heavy suitcases and handbags without thinking of the consequences.  Lifting heavy objects carelessly can result in strained back muscles.  A tear or inflammation can result in severe pain and a long recovery.

According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, 3.7 million Australians reported back problems and it has become the third leading cause of disease burden after cancer and cardiovascular problems. (1) . With back problems being such a prevalent ailment, it's important to make the necessary lifestyle changes to try and prevent back pain:

Here are some Tips

  1. Share the load - if you have a lot of shopping to carry, make more than one trip or ask a friend or family member to help you.
  2. Use the correct lifting technique - with your knees bent and your back in a neutral position, lift the object carefully by slowly bringing it towards your chest.  Avoid twisting or slouching when lifting and lowering.  
  3. Stretch - incorporating stretching into your daily routine keeps the muscles flexible and healthy.  We need this flexibility to maintain a range of motion in our joints.  

Chiro Can Help

Dr Miriam Kendall can help address the strain caused on the body from excessive lifting of heavy objects.  Although back pain is common, each patient is different and Dr Kendall tailors her approach accordingly.

For back problems, chiropractors use a variety of non-surgical techniques, such as spinal adjustment or manual therapies.  They also advise patients on self-management of pain through exercise, stretching and lifestyle modification.  Speak to Dr Kendall about the type of exercise or stretching most suited to your needs.

(1) The burden of musculoskeletal conditions in Australia (2017), Australian Institute of Health and Welfare,



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Magnesium Massage Oil with Pure Essential Oils


  • 1/2 cup magnesium chloride flakes
  • 1/2 cup distilled water
  • a glass bowl or glass measuring cup
  • a glass spray bottle
  • a few drops of Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil (I love Doterra's AromaTouch)


  1. Boil the distilled water. It is important to use distilled to extend the shelf life of the mixture.
  2. Place the magnesium chloride flakes in the glass bowl or measuring cup and the pour the boiling water over it.
  3. Stir well until completely dissolved. Let cool completely and store in the spray bottle. Can be stored at room temperature for at least six months.

Note: Magnesium can be quite tingly on the skin.  If this bothers you, dilute your mixture with more water or another carrier oil like sweet almond oil or coconut oil.  We recommend applying magnesium oil at night to help promote a restful sleep, however you can rinse it off after 20 - 30 minutes if you prefer.

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Dr Miriam Kendall

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Sue Doumtsis

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