Dr Clare Halpin



Dr Clare completed a Degree in Biological Science and worked in a medical microbiology laboratory for 5 years before she decided that she needed a change.   She wanted to take on a more active role in health care and had always had great experiences with chiropractic care and knew that was the path for her. 

Dr Clare graduated as a chiropractor in 2019 and completed her honours project on chronic pain and chiropractic management in 2020.

At RMIT she was involved in extracurricular chiropractic groups, including the World Congress of Chiropractic Students (WCCS).  Dr Clare was also the Western Pacific Regional Coordinator for the 2018/2019 year, which culminated in hosting the Annual General Meeting (AGM) in Brisbane.

A placement with the Fitzroy Stars Indigenous Football team sparked an interest in sports injury management. Dr Clare has worked with football players in the last 2 years as a trainer.

Dr Clare also completed a placement in India in her final year at RMIT, working as part of a team in Udaipur.


In her spare time Dr Clare enjoys spending time with friends and family, travelling to interesting places and playing with her dog Finn.