An initial appointment usually takes around 90 minutes and consists of taking a comprehensive medical history and having a discussion with you about your presenting complaint. From there a therapeutic plan is discussed in regards to how we can support you to achieve your desired health outcomes. This initial appointment is used to gather as much information about you & your health condition as possible, so bring along any blood tests or functional test results that you may have. If you need a referral to your GP or to have further testing, this can be done during your initial appointment.

The second appointment is when we discuss the findings of any blood tests or other functional tests you may have undergone. This appointment is also where we can discuss and devise the optimal therapeutic plan to provide the best outcome for your health condition.  The second appointment usually takes around 45 minutes.

A follow up appointment usually takes around 45 minutes and consists of a review of your progress and a discussion about your diet, energy levels, sleep, mood and change of symptoms. Sometimes your prescription may change to support these changes, other times it may stay the same. Always discuss any concerns you may have with your Naturopath.

Free 10-minute phone consults are also available if you are curious about whether Naturopathy is the right fit for you & your health condition and would like to find out more about what Naturopathy can do for you.

To book an appointment with a Naturopath at Eir Family Chiropractic & Wellness or to set up a free 10 minute consult, call 9327 9347 or book online here.