Our Team

Dr Miriam Kendall

Dr Miriam Kendall


James Somers

Remedial Massage Therapist

Renee Beiermann

Spine and Pelvis

Our Promise

Welcome to Eir Family Chiropractic & Wellness.  We are a team of passionate, caring and dedicated chiropractors and natural healthcare therapists. Our aim is to locate and identify the root of your problem, educate you in its prevention and/or management, as well as provide therapeutic treatment to enrich your health.

Our Foundation

Eir is built on a strong foundation of experience and ongoing professional development.  We value flexibility and tailor make our treatment plans to suit your specific wants, needs and aversions.

Miriam Kendall Healthy Living
Fun waiting room

Why Us?

  • Morning, Evening & Weekend Appointments
  • After Hours Chiropractic Care
  • Referrals to Bulk Billed X-Rays (only if required)
  • Online Booking
  • Thorough, Honest and We Care

Eir - Goddess of Health & Wellness, Family & Fertility

Centuries ago, Eir was worshipped as a healer.  today we believe everyone has a great healer within, an our mission is to help you empower it.  Taking a holistic, active approach to health will help your body heal itself, prevent re-occurences and ultimately enhance function.

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X-Ray results explained

Your Goals

With a keen interest in helping you reach your goals, we remain respectful of your health choices.  We want to Educate and Inspire you to Get Well and Stay Well.

Your Eir Family

Being a small family business, we understand what it is like to juggle work and family.  We know how easy it is to neglect our health, so we want the EIR experience to be smooth and hassle free, making it easy to reprioritize your family's health.

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Family adjustments

Our Values

We want you to feel welcome, bring your family, and to become part of ours.  

  • Relaxed atmosphere for parents
  • Fun play space for kids  
  • Breastfeeding welcomed
  • Disabled/Pram Access