Dr Miriam Kendall

Dr Miriam Kendall

Chiropractor - Eir Founder & Director
Master of Clinical Chiropractic – RMIT 2009 Bachelor of Applied Science – RMIT 2007 Chiropractic Student of the year CAA - 2009 Excellence in Diagnostic Science CAA – 2009


Dr Miriam graduated with Distinction from RMIT in 2009 and was honoured with 2 prestigious awards from the Chiropractic Association for her achievement and hard work. She spent 6 enriching years working at chiropractic wellness clinics in WA and VIC before launching EIR FC&W in 2017.

Chiropractic sidelying adjustment
Chiropractic Cranial Adjustment on Child


Dr Miriam is passionate about caring for everyone of all ages and all stages in health.  This includes mums to be, tiny babies, growing children, performing athletes, the injured and sore, work-a-holics, arthritic seniors, health nuts and the non-believers.

*Please be aware that Chiropractic treatment is not suitable for everyone and we may refer you out if our assessment and the current evidence deems it best.  Chiropractic does not give treatment to the unborn baby.


Family is at the heart of EIR, rightly named after the Norse Goddess of Health & Wellness, Family & Fertility. Miriam’s love for treating families has only flourished since starting her own family. Her husband Ben and children Charlotte and Ricky enjoy their regular chiropractic check-ups.

Eir Goddess on blackboard
Fun chiropractic treatment for babies


As a mum, wife, and chiropractor, she knows that to truly thrive one needs dedication and hard work. She believes a balanced life requires a mixture of work and play, and lots of love, laughter, fresh air, clean water, real food, plenty of movement, and chiropractic.