Naturopath Susan Doumtsis

Susan Doumtsis

Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy) – 2017 Southern School of Natural Therapies

Holistic Approach

Susan takes a holistic approach to her patients' health issues and incorporates her scientific background to provide her patients with the best evidence-based, holistic treatment.  Susan believes it is important to work together with her patients in order to help them understand what is going on and devise the best treatment plan in order to achieve optimum health for their situation.



Susan is passionate about nutritional biochemistry and the impact that diet and lifestyle can have on optimal health.  She is a great problem solver with a tenacious work ethic, who enjoys "getting to the source" of the problem, rather than treating the symptoms.

Natural Health

Health is at the heart of Eir, rightly named after the Goddess of Health and Wellness.


Susan is married with two young boys and balances life between work, motherhood and running the households and understands the difficulty of getting children to eat a wide variety of fruit and vegetables and maintain a healthy balance between outdoor play and screen time.