Roadmap for Easing Restrictions

Step 2 out of Stage 4

Our doors are open, however we still have minor restrictions that we must abide by.

Requirements for Clinical Services in Metro Melbourne

  • To prevent a significant change/deterioration in functional independence which would result in an escalation of care needs (e.g. an increase in frequency of treatment needed, an increased need for prescription medication due to a significant increase in pain, requirement for specialist input or review, an increase in care needs, and/or a substantial increase in anticipated recovery time associated with a delay in receiving services.)
  • To provide assessment and diagnostic services to clients / patients whose care have been delayed as a result of Stage 4 restrictions, with any further delay likely to result in deterioration in functional independence or adverse health outcomes.
  • To provide services that are essential as part of a broader plan of care with a medical practitioner.
  • To provide services that are part of conservative management plan to avoid or delay elective surgery.
  • To provide services immediately following elective surgery that prevent secondary complications or aid functional recovery.
  • To provide services required under a Chronic Disease Management Plan, a care plan endorsed by NDIS (self-managed), TAC, Workcover or DVA.

To put it simply, we can treat you if you are in pain, discomfort, have a condition or dysfunction, or things are deteriorating and becoming unmanageable at home.

If you are still unsure, don't worry.  We will do a screening call or text to ensure you meet the criteria for care.

If you don't meet the criteria for care, then we are happy to answer any questions and provide advice via a phone call, sms, email, messenger video or zoom.

  • Chiropractic is Open and available pain management.
  • Nutritional consultations are still available via phone or zoom.
  • Remedial massage is sadly paused.

Thank you for your support.

Our Hours have Changed


Mon     10AM - 2PM     5PM - 9PM

Tue                               5PM - 9PM

Thu      10AM - 2PM     5PM - 9PM

Fri        10AM - 2PM

SAT      8AM - 2PM

REMEDIAL MASSAGE with James Somers



MON THU SAT            By appointment via phone & zoom


Spring clean your insides like you do your homes. Declutter and get rid of junk. Our bodies will thank us for cutting down on sugar, caffeine, alcohol and processed foods.
Cleaning your insides can be tricky. But with support from our Nutritionist Renée, your body can rid itself of toxins gently.
A wide variety of practitioner-only-supplements are available to help you cleanse and nourish, but these are always optional.

The Shakti Mat ♥

After so many weeks of remedial massage being banned, we were getting desperate.  The trigger point ball was simply not doing the job to soothe our poor achy muscles.  So we sourced a Shakti Mat and decided to give it a try.  And we LOVE it!  (Bonus tip: Show the kids the new 'Naughty Mat' and watch their behaviours improve! Joke)

Meet your own personal masseuse.

The modern day bed of nails.

  • The Shakti Mat is covered in 6000 tiny pressure points.
  • The stimulators apply gentle yet firm pressure to problem areas, relaxing the muscle and the mind.
  • The Shakti Mat uses acupressure, an ancient healing technique used in Eastern Medicine for thousands of years.
  • The mat is based on the concept of the Indian Bed of Nails, used as a therapeutic practice by yogis for cultivating mediation.  That's right, it wasn't some pain stunt, but a relaxation aid.

Some Benefits may include:

  • Muscle relaxation
  • Releases tension in fascia
  • Reduces stress
  • Rejuvenates tired and achy feet
  • Improves energy levels
  • Supports healthy circulation
  • Aids deep, restful sleep
  • Aids recovery from headaches
  • Supports general wellbeing and mind body connection