Health Coach Kathryn Chandler

Kathryn Chandler

Health Coach
Institute of Integrative Nutrition - 2018

Holistic Approach

Kathryn is a certified holistic health coach, wellness blogger, lifestyle advocate and mama of two.  Kathryn is committed to educating, inspiring and encouraging clients to be the best version of themselves possible while supporting them on their wellness journey.  After years of struggling through her own personal health battles and body image issues she took a gentle and natural approach to her healing journey.  Now, Kathryn is passionate about improving the lives of others.  With a holistic approach in mind, Kathryn takes into consideration every aspect of health, as each part is equally important in creating a healthy and balanced lifestyle.


Through her blog and coaching sessions Kathryn helps clients to make lasting, positive changes to their health and lifestyle.  She believes that we all hold the answers we need within ourselves to heal our bodies.  As a holistic health coach Kathryn sees herself simply as a guide, helping her clients to discover their truth.

Her training through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in addition to her own personal study and experience has lead her to become influential in the areas of nutrition, gut health, disordered eating, fitness, lifestyle, restorative sleep, stress management, meditation, mindset shifting, natural beauty, toxin-free living, healthy relationships and conscious parenting.

Health Uncovered

Health is at the heart of Eir, rightly named after the Goddess of Health and Wellness.  In clinic, Kathryn dives deep into any health issues the client may be experiencing until the root-cause of the problem is uncovered.  With bio-individuality in mind, Kathryn creates tailor-made plans for each and every one of her clients to ensure that their specific needs and goals are met.

Sharing our Knowledge

Kathryn is an influential blogger with an aim to empower clients with knowledge.  Keep an eye out for her wellbeing articles, food recipes and D.I.Y natural beauty recipes, inspirational quotes, product reviews, recommendations of books to read and healthy cafes to try... plus so much more!

Kathryn is highly motivated and driven to spread the message of true health and happiness to the world.

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